Revolutionizing the Automobile Inspection Industry.

Automotive Service Enterprise, Inc.

Mechanical, Pre-Purchase, Lease Turn-in and Pre-Factory Expiration Inspections

ASE, Inc. doesn't buy or sell vehicles, parts or repairs. We are not affiliated with any independent repair facilities or dealer franchises. We only inspect vehicles and provide thorough, independent, factual, highly-detailed inspection reports. We provide companies and consumers with complete, accurate independent evaluations of mechanical problems and inspection of vehicles being considered for purchase or sale, expiration of warranties, long trips or general mechanical condition.

Each year Automotive Service Enterprise, Inc. performs thousands of automotive mechanical breakdown inspections for extended warranty and insurance companies. In this service we evaluate the validity of vehicle mechanical failures incurred with an unbiased opinion using qualified expert field technicians to determine cause and extent for mechanical breakdown coverage. ASE, Inc. also provides automotive professionals to perform pre-purchase used car inspections and to testify as expert witnesses.

Starting in 1996, ASE, Inc. continually strives to provide a high level of service for our clients to maximize value, timeliness, efficiency and accuracy. Our administrative staff will ensure top rate efficiency in processing inspections in a timely manner. Our inspector network consists of certified technicians located throughout the United States.

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